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Mirrool Creek Project

 In June 2008, MI was appointed as Reserve Trust Manager of the Mirrool Creek Crown Reserve to address the problems of siltation, weed invasion and reduced water quality of Mirrool Creek. We now manage the ongoing care of the Reserve and have instigated the Mirrool Creek Restoration Project.

Infrastructure works that have been carried out along the Mirrool Creek include increasing the height of levy banks, desilting and eradicating noxious weeds. This will improve our ability to deliver water to Barren Box Storage and Wetlands, Brays Dam, Mirrool Creek Pumpers, downstream users and will reduce flooding events.  We have also commenced the revegetation of crown land along the Creek. A total of 125 hectares within the creek lands were direct seeded in early 2011, which will assist to create an ecologically diverse vegetation corridor through the MIA. 

Bank reconstruction based on the Flood Modelling Study has been completed to limit overbank flows to a one in five year annual flood event. Due to our legal obligation and commitment to preserve cultural artefacts surrounding waterways, cultural assessments were conducted prior to all work being carried out.

License agreements between the Mirrool Creek Reserve Trust (MI) and landholders were negotiated in 2011. These agreements guide the management of the creek lands for biodiversity and allow for landholders with existing leases to use 20% of the reserved area, for stock grazing and non-irrigated farming practices.

Read more MI-arrow-yellow.gif Mirrool Creek Project Fact Sheet (PDF)

Mirrool Creek

Mirrool Creek runs for 71.5km within the MIA and is important for stormwater catchment. It flows into Barren Box Storage and Wetland and is managed by MI to reduce the risk of flooding and to improve water quality and biodiversity.

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