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Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond

We are one of the largest private irrigation companies in Australia serving over 3,200 landholdings owned by over 2,500 customers within an area of 660,000 hectares. The irrigation water and drainage services we provide have helped create a diverse and highly productive agricultural region known as the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA). The vibrant communities of the MIA offer a range of education, arts, entertainment, sports and recreational activities.  

Supplementary water available
Supplementary water available for all customers with GS water entitlements and/or Supplementary Water Allocation, and/or Internal Surplus (HOU). Availability up to 8am, 2 September. NOTE EASYWATER PHONE ORDERING IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE (ONLINE ORDERING STILL AVAILABLE). For phone orders and changes please contact your division operator. An update to this site will be provided if the availability is extended.


MI Newsletter August 2015 27 Aug 2015
MI Newsletter August 2015
Murrumbidgee Valley allocations and resource assessments explained 21 Aug 2015
Summary notes from NSWIC and DPI Water’s public meeting held in June 2015, prepared by Murrumbidgee Irrigation Limited for the information of its customers and stakeholders.
Commencement of MI irrigation season 4 Aug 2015
MI has announced the commencement dates for the 2015/16 irrigation season. Supply to customers on the Sturt Canal began on 3 August, with official supply to Main Canal customers commencing on Monday 10 August.


GCC- Bushcares Major Day Out 28 Aug 2015
Bushcares Biggest Day Out will be held on Sunday 13 September, 2015 from 9am-11am, with maintenance set to be carried on the Citrus Road site.
DPI Water - Supplementary access extended 26 Aug 2015
DPI Water today announced a further extension to supplementary access in sections of the regulated Murrumbidgee Valley. (2 Sept, Sturt and Main Canals)
GCC-dispose of waste for free 24 Aug 2015
The GCC ‘Dump for Free’ weekend will be held on Saturday 5 & 6 September at the Tharbogang Waste Management Centre from 8am to 5pm and at the Yenda Waste Management Centre on Sunday 6 September from 8am – 5pm.
DPI Water- No allocation increase for Murrumbidgee 17 Aug 2015
No allocation increase for Murrumbidgee
LLS - Feral Fighters program 11 Aug 2015
Feral Fighters is an initiative to strategically target feral animals at a regional and state scale through strategic, coordinated group baiting and control programs. (Register for free training and baits)

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