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Main Canal shutdown 2017

FULL SHUTDOWN AND DRAINAGE during 2017 winter works

Murrumbidgee Irrigation will be draining the Main Canal from the Narrandera Regulator downstream to the East Mirrool Regulator at the beginning of the 2017 winter shut-down period.

We are also undertaking a staged draining of the Main Canal from Tharbogang upstream to East Mirrool Regulator over the same period to complete PIIOP 2 modernisation works.

There will be no mid-winter watering available. Customers should plan their winter water needs around the Main Canal being offline for the entirety of the winter shutdown period.


Why is MI doing this?

The full shutdown and drainage of the Main Canal is essential to allow for planned major modernisation projects and other critical maintenance works to be carried out.


Modernisation Project Scope

These works are being undertaken as part of the $84.9 million in funding under Round Three of the Australian Government’s Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIlOP3) in New South Wales. Infrastructure upgrades across our network will allow us to continue to improve the efficiency of our integrated water delivery system. These works will provide us with real-time reporting capabilities and will increase the canal flow capacity.

Some of the essential works to the main canal include:

• The installation of over 80 regulator gates, and

• The installation of over 15 offtake gates.


When will the works be occurring?

This period of shutdown will be from the end of May 2017 to the end of July 2017. Water NSW are also conducting essential repairs at Berembed Weir during this time, so we are coordinating their works with ours to minimise the shut down time.


Other works

Our normal maintenance program will continue throughout the year. The Sturt Canal will not be drained, but will still have sections closed at certain periods of the 2017 winter shutdown to allow for annual maintenance works. Town water supplies will not be affected.

Further information This fact sheet will be updated closer to May and information will be available in our monthly newsletter and on our website. For further information contact customer services on (02) 6962 0200.

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