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External Trade of Water Entitlements

This table shows the progress of applications to transfer Water Entitlements (WEs) out of Murrumbidgee Irrigation’s (MI) Water Access Licences. Applications are allocated a sequential number when they are accepted by MI. The sequence numbers  cannot identify applicants generally and are advised only to the parties involved in the application.

Sequence Number Trade (ML) Category of WAL* Application Status**
331 957 General Conditional Consent
332 85 General Conditional Consent
333 958 General Conditional Consent
330 115 General Unconditional Consent
335 300 High Unconditional Consent
336 100 High Unconditional Consent
339 28 High Conditional Consent
343 20 High Conditional Consent
 347  4 High Conditional Consent
348  4 High Conditional Consent
345  15 High Conditional Consent
350 28 High Conditional Consent
351 33 High Conditional Consent
352  47 High Conditional Consent
349 67 High Conditional Consent
 358 384 High Conditional Consent
340 36 High Conditional Consent
359 50 High Conditional Consent
361 20 High Conditional Consent
Updated 30 July 2014




If you have any enquiries on transformations, please contact Customer Services,  
Phone 02 6962 0200 or

* Category of WAL = General or High Security WEs

** Application Status = Progressing, Conditional Consent, Unconditional Consent, Refused.

  • Progressing: application lodged and MI is either waiting on lodgement of further information, or making a determination to approve or refuse.
  • Conditional consent:  approved with conditions to be met and/or agreed to.
  • Unconditional consent: approved and conditions have been met and/or agreed to.
  • Refused: rejected for not meeting requirements under the Transfer and Conversion Rules.


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