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When using our website, you acknowledge that no data transmission over the internet is 100% secure. We strive to protect your personal information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access. However, you acknowledge that we cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us over the internet. Once we receive your transmission, we will take reasonable commercial steps to ensure its security.

We provide access to other websites by way of hyperlinks from our website. Those websites are not subject to our privacy policy. You should make your own enquiries as to the privacy standards for any linked website. 


Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd ABN 39 084 943 037 (MI) recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information it collects. This Privacy Statement describes MI’s management of personal information.

MI respects rights to privacy under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Act) and is required to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.

When used in this Privacy Statement, “personal information” has the meaning given in the Act. In general terms, it is any information that identifies or can be used to identify individuals.

In addition to MI, this Privacy Statement also applies to MI Easytrade Pty Ltd ABN 58 147 578 872, MI Energy Pty Ltd ABN 60 147 578 881 and any other subsidiary companies of MI.

Functions and activities of MI

MI’s functions and activities principally revolve around the operation of a large rural water supply and drainage network by means of Water Entitlements and/or Water Delivery Contracts with irrigators.

This includes the continual maintenance and upgrade of infrastructure, consisting of but not limited to

  • Water supply and drainage systems;
  • Storages;
  • Regulators;
  • Bridges and culverts;
  • Supply outlets and pump stations.

It also includes services to customers consisting of but not limited to

  • Delivery of water to customer landholdings;
  • Administrative services in connection with Water Entitlements and Water Delivery Contracts.

Incidental and associated to MI’s business, trade or occupation auxiliary services are provided consisting of but not limited to the –

  • transportation of heavy plant and machinery owned by MI and/or external customers;
  • Civil engineering design and contracting for irrigators and others;
  • Provision of engineering, environmental and financial consultancy services to irrigators and others;
  • Provision of training services internally and externally;
  • Acquiring and trading water entitlements and allocations.

Collection of personal information

The personal information MI may collect includes, but is not limited to:

  • Name and date of birth;
  • Associated company names and details;
  • Mailing or street addresses;
  • Fax numbers, phone numbers and e-mail addresses;
  • Other contact details;
  • Position or occupation;
  • Business and financial data, including ABNs;
  • Landholdings and land use;
  • Crops, crop areas, water use, and energy use;
  • Records of meetings with individuals;
  • Bank account and credit card details;
  • Finance and credit data;
  • Data about services or products individuals have obtained from MI;
  • Details of transactions with MI, including contracts, contract performance, water entitlements and rights of access, water allocations and transformations and terminations of water rights and entitlements;
  • Member details and shareholdings;
  • Résumé or CV data of applicants for positions with MI;
  • Tender data;
  • Requests and submissions made by individuals;
  • Other data individuals provide to MI;
  • Any additional data necessary to fulfil a particular transaction or request; and
  • Technical data from its website, including internet browser type, computer operating system and website domains. This data does not personally identify individuals.

If the above data is not provided, then MI may not be able to provide its services or products.

MI is required to collect certain personal information under laws including but not limited to the following:

  • The Water Act 2007 (Cth) and the legislative instruments made under it, including, without limitation, Part 7 of the Water Act 2007 (Cth), which requires disclosure of data to the Bureau of Meteorology;
  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s requests for data under sections 94, 99 and 100A of the Water Act 2007 (Cth) and notices under section 155 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth);
  • The Water Management Act 2000 (NSW) and the legislative instruments made under it, including, without limitation, sections 338A and 338B, which requires disclosure of data to the NSW Minister or an authorised officer;
  • The Operating Licence which is taken to be granted to MI under the Water Management Act 2000 (NSW), including, without limitation, clause 12, which requires data to be provided to the NSW Minister;
  • The “irrigation corporation licence” (which MI refers to as its Water Management Works Licence) granted to MI under the Irrigation Corporations Act 1994 (NSW), including, without limitation, the general condition about reporting to the NSW Government;
  • The Combined Water Supply Work Approval and Water Use Approval granted to MI under the Water Management Act 2000 (NSW), including, without limitation, the conditions about reporting to the NSW Government;
  • The Environment Protection Licence under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (NSW), including, without limitation, the conditions about reporting to the Environment Protection Authority; and
  • The Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), including, without limitation, in respect of MI’s register of members.  

MI primarily collects personal information from the individual, either personally; in forms, surveys, other documents or correspondence; by telephone, mail, email or via its website1. In certain circumstances MI may collect personal information from third parties, including but not limited to landholding and crop data from stakeholder associations, title searches from Land & Property Information, Personal Properties and Securities Register data, governmental landholding and property records, maps and infrastructure documentation. 

Purposes of collection, holding, use and disclosure of personal information

MI may collect, hold, use and disclose personal information for purposes including, but not limited to, the following:

  • To communicate with the individual;
  • To provide the individual with information about, or relating to, its services or products, and associated policy, regulation, developments, news and initiatives;
  • To provide the individual with access to protected areas of its website;
  • To process applications including licence applications, subdivision applications and on-farm works applications;
  • To provide services and products and send requested communications;
  • For internal administration, management, and quality control, including but not limited to maintenance of landholding, property and infrastructure records;
  • To conduct transactions and manage its contracts with the individual;
  • To determine water supply requirements and develop options for and conduct infrastructure works;
  • For billing, account management and payment processing, including conducting credit checks and assessing financing requirements;
  • To monitor, account for and reconcile water use, water allocations and balances;
  • To conduct research and development of its services and products, and expand the quality and range of its offerings;
  • To conduct and participate in policy research and development;
  • To market its services and products and communicate new developments or offerings MI believes may be of interest;
  • To audit and monitor licence compliance and contract compliance;
  • To conduct and process tenders and employment applications;
  • To compile and maintain its register of members and shareholdings and registers of water entitlements and rights of access;
  • To meet its statutory and licensing record-keeping, reporting and registration requirements;
  • To undertake landholding assessments and investigations;
  • To offer and conduct education and training courses;
  • To comply with legal requirements;
  • To search Land & Property Information and Personal Properties Security Registers for third party interests; and
  • Any other purpose made known to individuals at the time of collection of their personal information.

Disclosure of personal information

MI may disclose personal information as follows:

  • To its agents, contractors or third party service providers for the purposes of provision of administrative, computer/software hosting and management, order fulfilment, infrastructure/works, consultancy, billing, financing, credit reporting, printing, mailout or other services and products in connection with the operation of its business.  Any such third parties are under duties to MI to use such data only for the purpose for which it is provided and to keep such data confidential;
  • To meet its statutory and licensing reporting and registration requirements, including disclosure to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Bureau of Meteorology, the NSW Minister responsible for administration of the Water Management Act 2000 (NSW),  the NSW Environment Protection Authority, and the NSW Government, as described in this Statement above; as required under funding and other contractual arrangements with the Commonwealth and NSW Government or governmental agencies; or in co-operation with Commonwealth and NSW governmental or quasi-governmental departments, entities and authorities;
  • To prospective members of the Board in connection with Board elections;
  • To potential employers of current or former employees for the purposes of employment verification, including term of employment and position(s) held;
  • To law enforcement agencies or relevant third parties, if it suspects that unlawful activity has been, is being, or may be, engaged in, and disclosure is a necessary part of its investigations; and
  • Where required or authorised under law.

MI may also provide third parties with aggregated, de-identified data that does not include personal information.

MI will not sell, rent or market personal information to third parties.


MI may store some data on an individual’s computer when its website is accessed, in the form of a “cookie” or similar file. This allows MI to tailor a website to better match an individual’s interests and preferences. MI’s “cookies” do not collect personal information.  Individuals can configure their systems to block “cookies” or receive warnings if “cookies” are trying to be stored.


MI may hold personal information in either electronic or hard copy form. MI will take reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Personal information will be destroyed or de-identified when no longer needed or required to be kept by law.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity

You have the right to anonymity or you can provide a pseudonym when contacting MI, unless it is impracticable or identification is a legal requirement.

Access to data

Access to an individual’s personal information held by MI may be requested by the individual at any time by contacting MI.  Where MI holds data an individual is entitled to access, MI will endeavour to provide access to the data by suitable means (e.g. by emailing or mailing it, or by allowing inspection of the record). Where there is no entitlement to access data, MI will provide the reasons why. MI will not charge for simply making a request, but a fee may be charged based on costs to source and supply the requested information.

Correction of data

If an individual believes their personal information held by MI is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, then the individual may request amendment of it.2 MI will then consider if the data requires amendment, and if appropriate, amend it.

If MI does not agree that there are grounds for amendment MI will provide the individual with the reasons why, and add a note to the personal information stating that the individual disagrees with it.

Concerns or Complaints

If an individual has any concerns, or wishes to complain about any aspect of MI’s Privacy Statement, or believes MI has breached their privacy, they should contact MI at the address below.

Following receipt of a concern or complaint MI will undertake actions including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Appointing an officer to investigate the concern or complaint;
  • Taking any necessary corrective or remedial action; and
  • Notifying the individual of the outcomes and actions taken.

MI has a Data Breach Response Plan which deals with data loss, unauthorised access, unauthorised use, unauthorised disclosure, unauthorised copying and unauthorised modification.

The Data Breach Response Plan incorporates, but is not limited to, the following actions:

  • Evaluating the  subject data;
  • Identifying affected individuals;
  • Determining causes of a breach;
  • Analysing risks to the individual and to MI;
  • Taking corrective and/or remedial actions; and
  • Notifying affected parties.

If MI is unable to satisfactorily resolve any concerns or complaints, the individual can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, to progress their issue(s).

Overseas disclosure of personal information

MI stores some personal information overseas in electronic form using cloud-based services. These overseas countries include:

  • United States of America;
  • Brazil;
  • Holland;
  • Singapore;
  • Hong Kong; and
  • Japan.

Links to other websites

MI’s website may contain links to other websites, and this Privacy Statement has no application to those websites. MI is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those websites.


MI may change this Privacy Statement from time to time.  All changes to this Statement will be posted as an updated version on MI’s website.

Contacting MI (including MI Easytrade Pty Ltd and MI Energy Pty Ltd)

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd
Attention: Regulation & Compliance
Research Station Road
Hanwood NSW 2680
Locked Bag 6010, Griffith NSW 2680
Phone: 02 6962 0200
Fax:        02 6962 0209

1  MI will not collect personal information from its website unless it is provided voluntarily. 
2 A Form 39 Application: Correction of Personal Information form is available from MI’s offices or can be downloaded from this website under the Customer / Forms tab.

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