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Schedule of Charges 2017-18 _ Changes V12

Effective 1 July 2017

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Note: This Schedule of Charges should be read in conjunction with:  

Access Charge (excludes Towns, WWSD, Cudgel Creek)

Network and Usage Charges (excludes Towns, WWSD, Cudgel Creek)

Government Bulk Water Recovery Charges

Bulk Water Charges are regulated State Government charges determined by IPART and passed through to all customers.  Where the rates invoiced to MI differ from those published below, we will pass through the actual invoiced charges.

^       Conveyance Bulk Water charges are recovered by MI through this charge.  Conveyance charges are net of the Irrigation Corporation & Districts Rebate provided by WaterNSW.

Access, Network and Usage Charges - Towns, WWSD, Cudgel Creek

*    Towns - Towns have Special Purpose Access Licences with higher access priority than other customers.

Cudgel Creek - Customers along Cudgel Creek.  These customers receive only limited offtake services.

WWSD - Customers with Stock & Domestic rights in the Wah Wah Stock & Domestic District.  These customers are supplied through large earthen open channels twice per year into above-ground tanks.

^    Casual Usage charge is applied to water deliveries in excess of 120% of the customer’s delivery entitlements or where the customer does not hold any delivery entitlements.

Prudent Discounts

Prudent discounts are applied to some infrastructure services to attract customers that would not otherwise use our services. Prudent discounts lower the fixed costs for all customers by increasing network utilisation and revenue for the business.

Other Charges

~    Drainage Reuse Licences were formerly issued to customers on drains flowing south from the area of operations and outflowing to the Murrumbidgee River.  New Licences are not being issued. 

Schedule of Fees 17/18

Service Name 

Fee 17/18 


Annual Transfers - External $85 Free
Annual Transfers - Internal - 10 per season free
(11 and over $40.00 per trade (invoiced at end of season))



Amalgamation of Rights of Access Certificates $170 Inclusive
Change Name, Address, Contact Details No Fee  -
Creation of Single Water Allocation Account $85 Inclusive
External Purchase of Entitlement
(Plus DPI Water and Land & Property Information charges)
$232.50 Free
Extracts of Entitlements and Shares Registers $85 Inclusive
Financial Arrangements to Settle Outstanding Charges No Fee  -
Formation of a Water Supply Association $510 Inclusive
Internal Transfer of Water Entitlements DEs and Shares
(Except DE only transfer or between a customer’s own landholdings)
$232.50 Free
Internal Permanent Transfer of Supplementary Allocation $232.50 Free
Issue of Delivery Entitlements No Fee  -
Issue of Shares Application No Fee  -
Issue of User Number for Water Ordering No Fee  -
Lease of Water Entitlement between Customers $232.50 Free
New Works Application (plus $85 per hour) $340 Inclusive
Notice of Death of a Joint Customer No Fee  -
Occupancy Licence $510 Inclusive
Outlet Reduction $85 Inclusive
Pre-payment of charges (due to previous default) No Fee  -
Replacement Certificate $85 Inclusive 
Sale of Land $170 Inclusive
Separation of existing Water Supply Association
(Per Water Allocation Account)
$255 Inclusive
Separation of Water Entitlement Certificates $170 Inclusive
Subdivision of Land (plus $85 per hour) $510 Inclusive
Termination of Rights of Access No Fee  -
Transformation-External Transfer of Water Entitlements
(Plus DPI Water and Land & Property Information charges)
$232.50 Free
Transfer of Credit No Fee  -
Transmission to Executor, Administrator or Beneficiary No Fee -
Voting Eligibility for Corporation or Body Corporate Representation No Fee  -
Water and Financial Report $170 Inclusive
Whole or Part Termination of Single Water Allocation Account $85 Inclusive

Termination Fees

Termination fees are charged in line with the Water Charge (Termination Fees) Rules 2009 (Cth). The fees are calculated based on 10 times the annual fixed charge for network and access charges, plus GST.

Copies of previous Charges Schedules:

 Date of release  Version  Changes  Link

 13 June 2017 12 2017-18 Change to pricing  This Version
 1 July 2017 13 2017-18 Change to Gov bulk water
recovery charges
MI-arrow-green.png Version 13


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