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Water Allocations

Dept of Industry Water - 2019/20 Annual Allocation Announcements 

Murrumbidgee Regulated Users

 Date Towns  Stock & 
 Dam Levels
Burrinjuck Blowering 
1/7/19 100% 100% 95% 0% 8% 30 43
15/8/19 100% 100%  95% 3% 8% 31 49
2/9/19 100% 100%  95% 6% 8% 32 53

3/10/19 - MI advised a 1% allocation enhancement to eligible MI customers.
Eligible customers are irrigation customers (excluding Towns, S&D and Cudgel customers) who have more than 250 DEs, 
and who had either paid their annual accounts or have satisfactory financial arrangements in place by 24 October 2019.

DI Water fact sheet

Link MI-arrow-yellow.gif Determining water allocations in the regulated Murrumbidgee Valley

Link MI-arrow-yellow.gif Bureau of Meteorology - Water Information Dashboard


General Security customers can carryover unused water at the end of a season into the following season, up to a limit of 30% of their General Security Water Entitlements.  

General Security Limits

Any combination of a customer’s Carryover, General Security available water determinations and Surplus Use (non-debited use) cannot exceed 100% of their general security water entitlements.

NOTE:  this 100% limit does not include additional allocation from trade, MI savings announcements or Supplementary Allocation accounts.


Clauses 45(2) & 48(2) of the
MI-arrow-yellow.gifWater Sharing Plan 
MI-arrow-yellow.gifSurplus Water Rules

Historical Allocations and Rainfall Data

Link MI-arrow-yellow.gif Allocation History from 1983

Link MI-arrow-yellow.gif 2011 to 2019 Allocation History

Link MI-arrow-yellow.gif Historical Rainfall Data - 1962 to 2011. Griffith, Burrinjuck Dam and Blowering Dam.


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