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Mirrool Creek

The Mirrool Creek Reserve includes Mirrool Creek and Little Mirrool Creek and all lands adjoining the creeks that are owned by Murrumbidgee Irrigation Limited (MI) from the MIA north east boundary to Barren Box Storage and Wetland (BBSW) in the west. 

The Mirrool Creek Reserve varies in width along the creeks and specifically includes: 
  • Land adjacent to Mirrool Creek from northeast of the Mirrool Creek regulator to the creek’s junction with Gum Creek Road,
  • All of the Little Mirrool Creek channel and adjacent land to its junction with Mirrool Creek, and 
  • Mirrool Creek channel from the Main Canal to BBSW. 
The Mirrool Creek and Little Mirrool Creek catchment is an important part of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA). Mirrool Creek and Little Mirrool Creek form a natural ephemeral creek system that runs through the MIA. 

The creeks have a catchment area of approximately 12,000 square kilometres and provide water supply and drainage services for the irrigation areas around the townships of Leeton and Griffith and the Benerembah and Wah Wah irrigation districts. 

The MIA has an area of approximately 660,000 ha and supports a wide range of industries, in particular horticulture, viticulture, various broad acre crops and food processing. Previously, the Mirrool Creek Reserve was owned by the Crown and leased by MI to landholders. Now under MI ownership, the Mirrool Creek Reserve continues to be leased to landholders for agricultural purposes (primarily grazing of livestock) and conservation of natural resources. 

MI manages the Mirrool Creek Reserve, incorporating integrated maintenance, water services, leaseholder arrangements and environmental management. Infrastructure works have been carried out along Mirrool Creek including increasing the height of levy banks, desilting and eradicating noxious weeds. This improves MI’s ability to deliver water to Barren Box Storage and Wetlands, Bray’s Dam, Mirrool Creek pumpers, downstream users and mitigate the effects during flooding events. 

MI has enhanced the Mirrool Creek Reserve with revegetation projects including direct seeding, seedlings and natural regeneration which has created an ecologically diverse natural corridor through the MIA. 

MI is committed to preserving cultural artefacts within our waterways and a thorough cultural assessment was conducted prior to all work being carried out.

Mirrool Creek Floodway Releases

We will be releasing water into to the Mirrool Creek Floodway from 2 July to 9 July to allow for works to be completed upstream. All customers along the Mirrool Creek Floodway are advised to take the necessary precautions with respect to livestock or other property. For further information contact us on 69620200.

MI-arrow-green.png Mirrool Creek Map

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