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Rice Water Use Targets

Rice Growing 

The Ricegrowers' Association of Australia (RGA) are developing best practice guidelines for rice growing in collaboration with Murrumbidgee Irrigation, Rice Extension and other irrigation corporations in the area. As part of these best practice guidelines, rice growers are required to: 

  • Ensure soil is suitable for rice growing to ensure sustainable water use and limit impacts to groundwater. 

  • Ensure all rice water is held on farm for 28 days after the application of chemicals and immediately notify MI when water containing chemicals has entered MI’s drainage channel. 

To support these best practice guidelines, MI will be providing progressive rice water use targets (RWUT) to assist rice growers to monitor their rice water use throughout the season. The RWUT are calculated from climatic data recorded at four weather stations in the MIA. The official RWUT is calculated from the CSIRO Hanwood weather station, with additional targets calculated at MI’s AWS tabled below for reference.   

Rice Water Use Targets 

The RWUT includes 2ML/ha for filling the profile, a further 2ML/ha is added at end of season allowing for drainage.

Final RWUT 1 October 2017 - 28 February 2018

 Weather Station  2017/18 progressive rice water use target ML/Ha
 CSIRO Hanwood  15.7

The progressive 2017/18 and previous years RWUT for Hanwood CSIRO weather station are presented in the graph below. This is provided to assist growers with tracking their water use compared to previous years.

Rice crop coefficient 
AWS evapotranspiration figures are now calculated using the internationally recognised FAO56 equation modified to represent tall crops ETref_t. The rice crop coefficient used in conjunction with ETref_t. Is 1.16

Griffith weatherstation summary:  MI-arrow-green.png CSIRO Weather Station website

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