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Hanwood Modernisation Project


The Hanwood modernisation project has upgraded the ageing water delivery infrastructure that services 210 individual properties in Hanwood that cover an area of 2,683 ha. The project area is predominately small horticultural farms.

Irrigation water is supplied to properties in the project area via the Mirrool Creek Branch Canal (MCBC) which conveys water by gravity into a distribution network of some 23 earthen and concrete lined channels. These channels, some of which are about 80 years old, are subject to seepage, leakage and conveyance losses, and are generally at the end of their service lives.


The key outcomes of the Hanwood modernisation project were to:

  • replace ageing infrastructure that is at significant risk of failure or at the end of its service life that minimises our future asset replacement liability and cost of asset ownership;
  • provide irrigation infrastructure that will deliver the contracted levels of service to our customers in the project area; and
  • realise the estimated water savings target for the project.

Key elements

The key elements of the works to upgrade the water delivery system included the:

  • replacement of 14.3 km deteriorated concrete lining channels with gravity pipelines that are at the end of their service life;
  • replacement of 12.6 km earthen channels with gravity pipelines to address bank erosion and reduce seepage losses;
  • rehabilitation of 7.8 km of deteriorated earthen channels to address bank erosion, reduced safety corridors, aquatic vegetation and seepage losses;
  • replacement of some 118 Dethridge wheels with flow meters complying with Australian Standard AS4747 for Non-urban Water Metering;
  • automation of flow control structures on the MCBC and supply lateral (up to 11 supply off-takes, 53 regulators and 13 escapes - not metered outlets);
  • repair of up to 53 regulators; installation of remote monitoring capability for metered outlets; and removal of 15.9 km decommissioned concrete and earthen channels

The construction phase on the Hanwood Modernisation Project officially commenced in July 2014. 
Practical conclusion of the project was in 2015.

MI encourages all customers who would like to upgrade their on-farm infrastructure to consider applying for funding under the second round of the Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP2) in New South Wales. 

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Contact Information:
Further information is available in the factsheet or by contacting the Project Manager – On-Farm Works, email 
or phone (02) 6962 0200

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