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Modernisation - Customers On-Farm Works

Funding for on-farm system upgrades

Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) encourages all customers who would like to upgrade their on-farm infrastructure to consider applying for funding under the second round of the Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP2) in New South Wales. The project is to provide an opportunity for irrigators to undertake eligible on-farm activities to improve the efficiency and productivity of water use and management in exchange for transferring water savings to the Australian Government. 

To be eligible to access funding, you must not have a current application accepted or pending with any other Australian Government funded on-farm initiative. Other eligibility requirements are listed below. 

On-Farm Works Eligible Activities

Eligible integrated on-farm activities are activities that complement the proposed water delivery system upgrades and contribute to the total water saving from the project. Such activities may include:

  • stock and domestic system (including necessary pipes, valves, storages, telemetry monitoring, tanks, troughs and bores);
  • on-farm irrigation infrastructure (such as high/low pressure drip irrigation, soil moisture monitoring), storage, recycling systems, channel lining; on-farm meters, telemetry and related basestations;
  • lasering of fields to improve water flows; earthworks to fill decommissioned channels;
  • removal of structures related to decommissioned channels (such as pipes, storages or channel off-takes); and
  • other eligible on-farm activities (to be agreed in writing by the department on a case by case basis).

On-Farm Works Ineligible Activities

The following activities are ineligible activities for the purposes of on-farm works:

  • erosion stabilisation works in fields to be decommissioned;
  • fencing to replace channels and structures;
  • activities that establish new irrigation areas or expansion of existing areas (beyond their existing boundaries);
  • activities generating improved irrigation efficiency and savings from the application of different management approaches such as crop rotation or use of new plant types requiring less water;
  • capacity building activities;
  • activities that have been completed or have already commenced including expenditure already incurred or committed by a proponent;
  • financial restructuring;
  • infrastructure that is not a water efficiency measure or an eligible integrated on-farm activity;
  • ongoing labour costs associated with operating new infrastructure;
  • ongoing operational and maintenance costs (these should be recovered from customers through water charges);
  • solar power devices (unless the proponent does not have access to mains electricity);
  • weed control activities;
  • conservation farming/minimum tillage machinery;
  • relasering of fields to be decommissioned;
  • vehicles; and
  • computers.

Expression of Interest

To access funding for eligible on-farm activities, you will be required to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) application with MI. 

MI-arrow-yellow.gif For further information, contact our On-farm Works Team, phone (02) 6962 0200
or Email:

Proponent agreement

The project will require participating customers to complete a legally binding proponent agreement that reflects the mandatory requirements specified by the Australian Government. This includes the requirement that funding must be used for eligible on-farm activities that are undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the proponent agreement.

Performance of on-farm activities

Eligible on-farm activities must be performed by providers listed on a provider panel. The panel arrangement will be established by MI through a competitive process. 

The list of vendors, suppliers and/or service providers included in the approved panel arrangement will be published and on this website when established.

Participating customers will be required to obtain quotes from three vendors, suppliers and/or service providers from the panel arrangement to ensure a competitive process has occurred. Fewer than three quotes may be acceptable only if there are insufficient vendors, suppliers and/or service providers that can provide quotes.

MI will not provide approval to any participating customer to undertake eligible on-farms activities using vendors, suppliers and/or service providers not included on the approved panel arrangement.

Work Health and Safety

MI will ensure minimum Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements for customers, vendors, suppliers and service providers, including all to meet relevant NSW WHS legislation, will form part of the mandatory selection criteria for the panel arrangements and with any obligations specified in the proponent agreements with participating customers. 

Participating customers must provide suitable evidence of currency and minimum accepted levels of public liability insurance that satisfies the requirement of proponent agreements with participating customers.

Building Code 2013

The Building Code 2013 sets out the Australian Government’s expected standards for all building industry participants involved in Australian Government-funded construction projects. The Building Code 2013 came into effect on 1 February 2013. More information can be found at

MI-arrow-yellow.gif Provider Panel list

MI-arrow-yellow.gif Supplier Information for
    On-Farm Infrastructure 

MI-arrow-yellow.gif Download an Expression of Interest Form

Contact Information:
Further information is available in the factsheet or by contacting the Project Manager – On-Farm Works, email 
or phone (02) 6962 0200

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