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Providers - On-Farm Water Infrastructure Modernisation

Material Suppliers and Subcontractors

Businesses that supply material, goods, and services and carry out work such as installation and/or construction will need to become approved providers to the project. This will assist our customers meet the requirements of their proponent agreement as required by the Australian Government.

Eligible on-farm activities must be performed by providers listed on a provider panel. The panel arrangement will be established by MI through a competitive process. 

The process for inclusion of vendors, suppliers and/or service providers for inclusion on a panel arrangement is via lodgement of an Expression of Interest Approved Provider Panel On-Farm Works. The Expression of Interest is able to be obtained by Contacting the Project Manager – On-Farm Works.

MI will not endorse, or recommend the service of panel providers. MI makes no warranties or representation in relation to the qualifications and capacity of any of the panel providers or quality or price of the services they provide. The provider panel will allow proponents to know that the subcontractor they approach for quotes have satisfied the mandatory requirements stipulated by the Australian Government.  

The list of vendors, suppliers and/or service providers included in the approved panel arrangement will be published on this website.

Participating customers will be required to obtain quotes from three vendors, suppliers and/or service providers from the panel arrangement to ensure a competitive process has occurred. Fewer than three quotes may be acceptable only if there are insufficient vendors, suppliers and/or service providers that can provide quotes.

MI will not provide approval to any participating customer to undertake eligible on-farms activities using vendors, suppliers and/or service providers not included on the approved panel arrangement.

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Contact Information:
Further information is available in the factsheet or by contacting the Project Manager – On-Farm Works, email 
or phone (02) 6962 0200

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