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Yenda / NBC Modernisation Project

The MIA Renewal Alliance is undertaking a$23.9 million infrastructure modernisation project in the Yenda/Myall Park area with funding provided by the Australian Government under the Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program through the Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program in NSW (PIIOP).

The project will provide customers supplied from the Northern Branch Canal and associated supply channels, with a more efficient water delivery system able to better meet changing water requirements.

Project are

The project area, located northwest of Yenda, includes a mixture of horticulture and large area farms. The project area is around 10,828 ha with atotal of 52,600 delivery entitlements servicing 245properties and 345 outlets.

The major supply lateral is the Northern Branch Canal with a length of 42.4 km, of which 7.35 km is concrete lined. The maximum channel capacity is 330ML/day involving a total of 234 structures.


• Replacement of 8.7km deteriorated concretelined channels with gravity pipelines

• Removal of the decommissioned concretechannels

• Replacement of 159 Dethridge wheels and Doppler meters with flow meters

• Retrofitting of 812 metered outlets with remote monitoring capability

• Installation of automation on 290 gates and structures, and

• Increase total channel capacity 

Key project objectives

• Modernisation of infrastructure to increase operational efficiencies

• Provide irrigation infrastructure that will deliver the contracted and/ or improved levels of service to MI’s customers in the project area

• Realise the estimated water savings target for the project, and

• Provide funding for customers to undertake eligible on-farm activities in exchange for water savings

Anticipated construction schedule

Replacement and renewal of existing structures has already commenced and It is anticipated to have all works completed post winter 2017.

Further information

For further information contact MIARA Stakeholder Engagement Officer, Craig Tilston,Phone: 0427 929 425


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