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MI additional annual water allocation 2018/19

We have provided a 3% additional annual water allocation to eligible customers. In a very dry year it is pleasing to announce an additional water allocation.

It is unlikely our conveyance allowance will be full this year and the company will continue to review its position over the next few months.

If you are eligible for the additional water allocation, it will have been automatically credited to your water allocation account.

Your available water balance, including any additional water, is listed on your EASYWATER water statement (Click on the EASYWATER logo on the home page of this website).

Please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Services on 6962 0200 if you require assistance with EASYWATER or would like more information on delivery entitlements.

MI 3% additional annual water allocation (enhancement) is available to customers who hold more than 250 delivery entitlements (excludes Town, WWSD or Cudgel Creek pricing groups).

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