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MI announce 1% allocation enhancement to eligible MI customers

MI today announced a 1% allocation enhancement to eligible MI customers.
MI has issued allocation enhancements from efficiency savings for many years in order to support productive agriculture in the region and to encourage activities that provide further efficiency savings.  The enhancement is smaller than recent years and will be reviewed as the season progresses.
It is a very tight water year and we have a long way to go.
We have made the enhancement after a review of our first quarter operations which has demonstrated there are some small savings that can be shared with our customers to support production. 
The efficiency savings are as a result of:
• Our investment in infrastructure, particularly the modernisation of our core delivery network.
• Customers working with us to schedule their orders to optimise water delivery efficiency.
• Our unauthorised access program which is recovering water and removing unauthorised access points.
Eligible customers are irrigation customers (excluding Towns, S&D and Cudgel customers) who have more than 250 DEs, and who have either paid their annual accounts or have satisfactory financial arrangements in place by 24 October 2019.

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