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Temporary Pumping Permit

Are you starting harvest? Do you require water for 
harvester washdown or to fill your spray tank? 

If so, you can apply at no charge for a Temporary Pumping Permit to
access the channel system for small amounts of water. 

You are eligible if: 
You are a current irrigation customer 
You have access to a channel system 
You will be washing down your harvester or filling a spray tank 
You will not use more than 0.5 Megalitre (500,000 litres) for this purpose, this season  

To apply for a Temporary Pumping Permit, download the application or contact us on (02) 6962 0200.   

*Conditions apply.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Is there a cost of the permit? 
    No. This season there is no cost. This may change next year.   

  • Is the water debited from my account?  
    No. This season there is no deduction from your account.This may change next year.  

  • Why am I required to have a permit when I previously didn’t? 
    For us to deliver water in the best possible way, we need to account for every drop. Our customers have told us that they sometimes need to access our channel system away from their outlet for filling spray tanks and washing down harvesters. The temporary permit authorises this type of access for this season and helps us better understand scale and value of this service to customers for the future.

  • Why is it free?  
    All water taken by customers needs to be authorised. There is no charge for the permit this season while we work with our customers to better understand their needs. We will review the permit based on this information for future seasons. 

  • Can I use my permit on multiple properties that I own or lease. 
    Yes, please keep in mind the permit attaches to your pump and is limited to 0.5ML per permit. If you will use more than 0.5ML by sharing across multiple properties, you can apply for one permit per property. 

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