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Winter Works 2019

We have an extensive works program planned for the 2019 winter period including more automation, some channel lining and structure upgrades. 

As with last year, we will work on keeping the system open where we can. 

 Works include: 

  • Outlet program: as part of our modernisation program we are installing new, and upgrading, metered farm outlets so they are automation ready.  
  • Yanco S&D pumped pipeline system: this project involves the replacement of aging open irrigation channels around the Yanco Village. Click here for further information. 
  • Warburn Channel Lining Lateral 258: the channel on Lateral 258 in Warburn will lined in the upcoming winter works period. Works include desilting the channel, channel bank restoration and channel lining. 
  • Golgelderie Branch Canal 2 Automation works: this project involves the automation of structures escapes and offtakes along the Golgelderie Branch Canal 2.   

For more information contact us on (02) 6962 0200.

Winter works 2019:

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