Member Director Elections What you need to know

Member Director Elections – What you need to know

Following the announcement of our candidates for the A and B class member director positions, we have received a number of enquiries from shareholders regarding key dates in the lead up to the AGM, voting eligibility and how and when to vote for A and B class member director positions.

Key dates

  • Member Director Nominations Open: Monday 6 September
  • Member Director Nominations Close: Friday 17 September
  • Member Director Ballot Opens: Friday 15 October
  • Member Director Ballot Closes: Wednesday 3 November
  • Annual General Meeting: Monday 8 November

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the candidates?
There is a ballot for one A class member director and a ballot for one B class member director. The candidates are:

A Class

  • Allan (Grant) Delves
  • Joseph Amato
  • Ann Furner
  • John Bisetto
  • Robert Sjollema

B Class

  • Hayley Sergi
  • Peter Herrmann
  • Drew Braithwaite

Am I eligible to vote?
In order to vote, a shareholder must: 

  1. Hold at least one A or one B class shares, and 
  1. own a landholding.

 If you are wanting information on your voting eligibility, please call MI on 02 6962 0200

Which class am I eligible to vote in?
You can only vote for a candidate in the class that you hold the most shares. If you are wanting information on your voting class, please call MI on 02 6962 0200

When does voting open and close?
Voting will open 15 October 21 and will close at 5pm on 3 November. Votes will not be accepted before or after these dates.

What is the voting method?
Preferential voting. This means shareholders must number every box on the voting paper in order for their vote to count. Further instructions will be provided on the voting paper.  

How will the election process be run?
The ballot process is part of the service provided by Link Market Services. Link Market Services will run all processes, including the role of Independent Returning Officer. The Independent Returning Officers is in charge of the ballot, essentially counting the votes and announcing the results of the ballot. Click here to access the Shareholder Microsite.

How do I know what email the material will be sent to?
All shareholders should already have received a letter from Link Market Services with their Security Holder Reference Number which enables access to the Link Market Services website. Here you will find the email address you have supplied to MI, which will be the email you will receive the voting materials to.

If you are a shareholder of MI and have not received correspondence from Link Market Services,  please call us on 02 6962 0200 for assistance.


How do I vote online?

For step-by-step guidance on how to vote online click here.

I would prefer to vote in hard paper copy format. Can I change?
Yes, you can contact MI on 02 6962 0200 to request a hard copy paper version.

How do I return my hard copy paper vote?
Please enclose your completed voting paper inside an envelope and hand deliver to either our Hanwood office or our Leeton office before 5pm on 3 November.

Can I post my hard copy vote?
No. Given delays with Australia Post, MI has elected not to allow for postal voting this year. All hard copy votes must be hand delivered to MI where you will insert your envelope into a secure ballot box, which will not be opened until the voting has closed.  

When will results be announced?
We will publish the results of the ballots once voting is finalised and the elected directors will be further announced at the AGM, with their term commencing at the conclusion of the 2021 AGM.

Does MI have preferred candidates?
No we do not participate in the vote and election of member directors. All voting is completed by eligible shareholders only.

Are candidates receiving any support from MI?
Yes we assist all candidates equally throughout the process. MI support candidates with publicising their bio in the material sent to voters with the ballot and through our website, SMS and/or Facebook.
To enable contact with shareholder, MI provides a copy of the relevant shareholder list to all candidates under a confidentiality arrangement, consistent with MI's Privacy Policy. This list includes mail contacts and phone numbers.


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