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Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond
Growing Opportunity - Water and Beyond

We are one of the largest private irrigation companies in Australia serving over 3,200 landholdings owned by over 2,500 customers within an area of 660,000 hectares. The irrigation water and drainage services we provide have helped create a diverse and highly productive agricultural region known as the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA). The vibrant communities of the MIA offer a range of education, arts, entertainment, sports and recreational activities.  

Close of Supply Works 13_14 Season
MI’s supply works for the 2013/14 season will close at 8am, Monday, 26 May. Any final water orders for the season are required to be placed via EASYWATER by 10am, Saturday, 24 May or earlier if possible to assist us with our forecasting and planning. As regular water supply won’t be available until water delivery services for the 2014/15 season commences around mid August, it is important that customers have planned to be self-sufficient with regard to their water needs during the supply works ...


Independent Director Position 4 Apr 2014
MI is calling for Expressions of Interest for the position
MI Newsletter March 2014 26 Mar 2014
MI Newsletter March 2014
MI Newsletter February 2014 27 Feb 2014
MI Newsletter February 2014


NOW - 4% Increase to GS allocation 15 Apr 2014
NSW Office of Water announced an increase of 4% to the Murrumbidgee general security allocation.
Irrigator Survey - water use decisions. To participate, click here. 14 Apr 2014
Independent research by CSIRO and UniSA about how irrigators in the Murray-Darling Basin make water use decisions for their farms. Participation is voluntary and personal information will be kept confidential. Survey participants have a chance to win gift certificates up to the value of $500.
NOW - Allocation update 1 Apr 2014
No increase to Murrumbidgee general Security allocation, which remains on 59% of entitlement.
NOW - Heavy fines imposed for water theft 1 Apr 2014
NSW Office of Water welcomed the conviction and heavy fines imposed on a Hillston irrigator who took water without a meter.
Simon Birmingham - $158M for on-farm irrigation upgrades 1 Apr 2014
Round four of the On-Farm Modernisation Program. Irrigators across southern NSW, SA & Victoria will benefit from an expanded $158 million investment in irrigation infrastructure to improve the water efficiency of their farms and return water to the Murray-Darling.

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