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Schedule of Charges 2016-17 _ Changes V11

Effective 31 March 2017

MI-arrow-yellow.gif Download a printable PDF version of the Charges Schedule 2016-17

Link MI-arrow-yellow.gif Forms  Including Standard Fees and Service Charges

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Note: This Charges Schedule should be read in conjunction with:  







Note: These rates reflect published bulk water charges for 2016-17.  However, the Company may, at its discretion, apply different rates if the actual charges invoiced by Water NSW to the Company are different from the published charges. If the invoiced bulk water charges differ from the charges set out in this Charges Schedule, the Company will adjust the bulk water charges and publish on its website a Charges Schedule incorporating the changes 10 business days before the charges become payable. 



The IHS energy charges are applicable to all pumpstations, which include Tharbogang PS1 and PS2, Merungle Hill PS, Stanbridge PS1 and PS2, Yenda PS2 and PS3, Lateral 13A PS, Lateral 16 PS and Boronia Road PS. 

Peak: 7:00am to 9:00am weekdays and 5:00pm to 8:00pm weekdays (excluding public holidays)
Shoulder: 9:00am to 5:00pm weekdays and 8:00pm to 10:00pm weekdays (excluding public holidays)
Off Peak: All other times

Note: These are the maximum rates payable by customers, however the Company may, at its discretion, apply lower rates if the actual charges invoiced to the Company are lower than anticipated charges.


Calculation of Termination Fees

1 Termination Fees, calculated based on the annual charge per Landholding, are charged when the right to delivery of water to a Landholding is terminated

2 Termination fees, calculated based on the annual charge per Outlet, are charged upon the closure of an Outlet

3 Tier 3 Delivery Entitlements of the relevant type, if any, are terminated first

4 Tier 2 Delivery Entitlements of the relevant type, if any, are terminated next

5 Tier 1 Delivery Entitlements of the relevant type, if any, are terminated last


Pricing Group Definitions

IHS Integrated Horticulture Supply (IHS-current and contracted)
SAS  Small Area Supplies (excluding IHS), generally < 240ML Entitlement
LAS  Large Area Supplies non-Wah Wah (excluding IHS)
LAW  Large Area Supplies Wah Wah (excluding IHS)SD  Stock and Domestic Supplies
SAR  Small Area Residential Supplies based on a maximum number of Delivery Entitlements, approved by the Company upon application
WWSD Wah Wah Stock and Domestic Supplies
TOWNS Town & Major Industries
CUDGEL Cudgel Creek
BIC Base Inactive Accounts and Holding Customers  (Related & Water Supply Customers grouped normally)
Garden Licence  Unmetered small area supplies up to a maximum of 2 megalitres


  1. If a customer’s Delivery Entitlements (DEs) are allocated between both a Premium Pricing Group and a Standard Pricing Group, the number of Delivery Entitlements in the Premium Pricing Group are counted first when assessing the tiers applicable to the Delivery Entitlements in the Standard Pricing Group. For example, if a customer holds 250 Delivery Entitlements in the IHS-Premium Pricing Group, and 50 Delivery Entitlements in the IHS-Standard Pricing Group, the 50 Delivery Entitlements in the IHS-Standard Pricing Group would all be counted as Tier 3.
  2. Casual Use includes water delivered where more than 120% of the customer’s DEs have been exercised, or the customer does not hold any DEs. Casual Use will incur facilities charges in the relevant tier(s) as well as the relevant usage charge for each megalitre of water that is delivered as Casual Use. For example, if a customer holds 250 Delivery Entitlements, and receives 300 megalitres of water, the customer will not pay any casual facilities charges. However if the same customer used 320 megalitres of water, they would pay Tier 3 casual facilities charges plus the casual usage charge in relation to 70 megalitres of water delivered as Casual Use.  
  3. A prudent discount is where an infrastructure operator offers an infrastructure service at a discounted rate to a particular customer or group of customers which can reasonably be expected to result in charges for the infrastructure operator’s other customers being lower than they would otherwise have been. This includes where an operator credibly believes that a customer or group of customers would not obtain infrastructure services at the standard charge for that infrastructure service, but would, with the provision of a discount, obtain infrastructure services and pay charges that would contribute towards the operator/s fixed costs. MI has negotiated to enter into a 3 year Agreement with a large customer who currently sources water from an alternate water supply. In consideration for the new business, and the volume of water that is to be delivered, MI has negotiated a prudent, volume-based discount with this customer. This discount will be applied to MI’s current LAS usage charges to arrive at a discounted usage charge per megalitre.  MI reasonably expects that over the term of this agreement, the contribution to MI’s fixed costs will benefit other customers.
  4. These are regulated charges determined by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).  Bulk water charges from Water NSW and DPI Water are passed on by the Company to the Company’s customers. Our 2016-17 charges schedule reflects the charges included in the respective final decision papers. The Company will apply different rates if the actual charges invoiced by Water NSW to the company are different from the anticipated charges.5   The fixed charge is payable for any Landholding receiving water pumped from the relevant pump-station, calculated by multiplying the area of the Landholding (in hectares or part thereof) by the charge per hectare.

Copies of previous Charges Schedules:

 Date of release  Version  Changes  Link
 5 August 2010 01 Nil MI-arrow-yellow.gif Version 01
 13 October 2010 02 Text changes only, no changes to pricing MI-arrow-yellow.gif Version 02
 8 July 2011 03 2011-12 Change to pricing MI-arrow-yellow.gif Version 03
 8 June 2012 04 2012-13 Change to pricing MI-arrow-yellow.gif Version 04 
 13 June 2013 05 2013-14 Change to pricing MI-arrow-yellow.gif Version 05
 2 July 2013 06 2013-14 Change to effective date MI-arrow-yellow.gif Version 06
 11 July 2014 07 2014-15 Change to pricing MI-arrow-yellow.gif Version 07
 31 July 2014 08 Change to pricing in IHS Energy Table 5 MI-arrow-yellow.gif Version 08
 15 June 2015 09 2015-16 Change to pricing MI-arrow-yellow.gif Version 09
 10 June 2016 10 2016-17 Change to pricing MI-arrow-yellow.gifVersion 10 
 15 March 2017 11 2016-17 Prudent Discount charges added  This version


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