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Winter works ensuring we are ready when you are

The Winter Works program is vital to deliver upgrades and maintenance to keep the water delivery infrastructure and systems operating as efficiently as possible throughout the year. They also provide the opportunity to deliver upgrades that can further support our customers in their businesses.  

As always, a key focus is to minimise impacts to water supply for MI customers and ensure the safety of the community.  We are conscious that works can impact people who live, work and travel in the area and have in place a process to keep customers and affected community members informed well in advance.   

To assist us with planning, please place water orders as soon as possible via EASYWATER or call us on (02) 69620200, and we will be in touch.  


Traffic will either will be disrupted, or diverted around, sections of the following roads over the winter works period. Please be aware these dates may change as the works progress:


  • Masonwell Rd and McLeods Rd (29 June – 20 July)
  • Newfarms Rd, Quarry Rd and Fraser Rd (27 July -14 August) 


  • Little Rd and Foreshaw intersection to Thorne Rd (29 June – 31 August) 
  • Little Rd and Gronn Rd (8 July-10 July)
  • Little Rd and Brace Rd (15 July- 17 July)
  • Thorne Rd and Little Rd intersection (31 August- 1 September)


  • McDonald Rd (25 August- 1 September)


  • Wattle Rd & Boundary Rd intersection (10 July- 17 July)
  • Herrmann Rd (14 July- 21 July)
  • Irrigation Way (28 September- 30 October)

2020 Winter Works sites across the MIA

The dates we are providing below for the works are the best available, and we will keep this page updated weekly, and as things change, over the winter works period: 

Lake View Branch Canal expansion project 

Sections of Boorga Road and Dickie Road are now open to traffic following safety inspections on the new bridges after the completion of Stage 1 of the Lake View Branch Canal expansion program. 

Stage 2 of the 3 Stage Expansion Program for the LVBC commenced this week. Stage 2 works will run for 3 weeks from Jones Regulator to Nericon Regulator. These works include the removal and replacement of Nericon Village Bridge and Masonwell Road Bridge so please be aware of changed traffic conditions. 

There will be further road closures coming up in July to facilitate the replacement of Apolonis Bridge and bridges on Fraser Road and Quarry Road.

There will also be supply interruptions downstream of Scott’s regulator, from the corner of Wyangan Avenue and Scotts Road, to Rifle Range Road, from this week, for 3 weeks to allow for sump raising and automation works. These works will run in conjunction to the Stage 2 LVBC expansion project works to minimise any additional impacts on supply. 

For more information see the LVBC expansion project fact sheet.

Murrami maintenance

The Murrami maintenance program is back on schedule after some minor delays late last week to enable the delivery of Surplus Water to customers. Works over the past week included bank building and de-silting.

Main Canal works in Yenda

The Main Canal works program at Yenda Storage facility and maintenance at the East Mirrool Escape, will commence from next Monday, 6 July. There will be supply interruptions for all customers downstream of North Kooba Regulator, for around 2-3 weeks from the start of July.  We will keep water in the system where we can to meet critical customer delivery needs.

Sturt Canal in-channel works complete  

In-channel works installing our X-Path AFFRA meters and cableway near the Sturt offtake have now been completed and we commenced refilling the Sturt this week. 

These new meters will provide a backup for the current meters and improve accuracy during periods of low flows. We have been undertaking capital expenditure works, repairs, and targeted winter maintenance programs, in alignment with Water NSW’s annual maintenance works at Gogelderie Weir (1-30 June) to minimise any additional impacts on supply.  

Out of channel works will continue on the carriage way, bollards and wiring sensor over the next month to complete the project, with no impacts to supply. 

Lake Talbot - further delays

Clearing works at Lake Talbot have been further delayed and will now get underway from 13 July and run for 10 days, with no impact to supply. Construction works will now commence late July, and include channel bank repair, installation of automatic gates, a regulator upgrade and repair work to the channel bank.   

Gum Creek Road

Repairs to leaking concrete pipes at Gum Creek Road will now commence on 6 July and run up until 10 July. We have been in contact with impacted customers and will be maintaining supply where we can through the Gum Creek Road Diversion Channel. 

Penfolds Bridge

Works removing Penfold’s bridge will commence on 20 July, with minimal supply interruptions. Griffith City Council is planning future works to construct a shared pathway on the opposite side of the road as part of their Griffith Pedestrian & Bicycle Strategy.


There will be supply interruptions on Lateral 158 B in Warburn between 5-14 July, to enable repair works. Impacted customers have been contacted.

Maintenance Works

Sections of some channels where there are no works are being lowered intermittently to allow for inspections and programmed maintenance works. These works include channel bank repairs, desilting and pump shed maintenance.

Water NSW maintenance works

Water NSW will be undertaking their annual maintenance works at Berembed Weir (4 – 22 July). We will work with Water NSW to minimise impacts to supply.  

Leeton Shire Council bridge upgrade works

Leeton Shire Council’s upgrade of a bridge on the Whitton-Darlington Point Road continued this week. We have lowered the channel for these works, with minimal supply interruptions expected. 


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