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Our water ordering platform EASYWATER has been updated to MI Connect. The updated platform has all the functionality of EASYWATER and added some new features including:

• a new map function to help visualise water orders
• ability to quickly repeat your previous orders, and
• clearer visual displays to easily monitor water flows and order status.

On MI Connect customers are able to lodge new irrigation orders and access up-to-date information on current entitlement, available water, and current orders lodged. Orders can be lodged 24 hours a day. The minimum order notice for delivery to an outlet on an automated channel is 24 hours, and 48 hours for an outlet on a manual channel system. If you require assistance using MI Connect call 02 6962 0200.

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MI Connect FAQs (PDF 186.2KB)

Checkout our ‘How to’ videos and fact sheets below on how to place and manage water orders in MI Connect:

How to videos 


How to fact sheets

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