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NSW Gov - Opening allocations- GS 10% 1 Jul 2020
Opening Water Allocation statement. For the Murrumbidgee General Security received an opening allocation of 10% (HS 95%).
Another surplus water event for MIA irrigators 1 Jul 2020
Customers of MI have recently had the benefit of another river Surplus Water Event which occurred last weekend. Although the water was only available for a limited time, we put our integrated MI network to good use allowing us to maximise water available for customers across the MIA.
MI action through COVID-19 pandemic 17 Jun 2020
It seems everyone has been tested in one way or another by the COVID-19 pandemic which has swept the globe in the first half of 2020. MI has not been immune and the rapidly evolving situation has required us to adapt to keep our people, customers and community safe, whilst never missing a beat in delivering water.
MI COVID-19 customer update 5 Jun 2020
MI customer update re. COVID-19
NSW Gov - 5% GS increase Murrumbidgee 15 May 2020
Department of Planning, Industry, Environment - Water Division announced an annual allocation increase of 5% to GS customers. Current total 11%.
Winter sees MI works in full swing 15 May 2020
Taking advantage of the cooler months, MI has recently commenced a program of expansion, repairs and scheduled maintenance to irrigation infrastructure across the region.
MI response to COVID-19 customer letter   9 Apr 2020
MI customer letter in response to COVID-19

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