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Water Quality

Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) operates under a Combined Water Supply Work Approval and Water Use Approval 40CA403245 (Combined Approval) issued by the Department of Primary Industries, Water (DPI Water) and an Environmental Protection Licence 4651 (EPL 4651) issued by NSW EPA.  

MI are required to monitor five licence discharge sites that have the potential to discharge waters to the Murrumbidgee River and Mirrool Creek Floodway. EPL 4651 provides a list of parameters and scheduled chemicals that are required to be monitored for each site during a discharge event. Water quality monitoring is carried out using applicable Australian standards and best practices. 

Water quality samples are analysed by calibrated field monitoring equipment and/or a NATA accredited laboratory for data integrity. Water quality test results for each licenced site can be viewed here: 

MI-arrow-green.png Water quality test results


Blue-green algae is proactively monitored by MI at key locations within our water supply system. Our monitoring program has been developed in accordance with the contingency strategy developed by the Murrumbidgee Regional Algal Coordinating Committee (RACC). Our monitoring results are updated in the table below when they are received. Blue-green algae results for monitoring points are an indication of blue-green algae levels only. Customers are advised to obtain independent advice for the fitness of their water for its intended use.  

Please note, that regardless of the presence of blue-green algae, water supplied is not fit for human consumption. 

For more detailed information please refer to our  

MI-arrow-green.png Blue-Green Algae Fact Sheet 


Location  Stock    Recreational

sample date  
Active Cell-Barren Box
Non Operational
Intermediate Cell-Barren Box
No Alert
 Green Alert 19/5/2020
Wah Wah Main
(Barden's Regulator)
No Alert No Alert 5/5/2020
South Lake
Stock Alert Amber Alert 19/5/2020
Bray's Dam Storage

No Alert

No Alert 18/5/2020

General information from NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) for blue-green algae can be accessed on their website 

NSW DPI fact sheets for irrigation with blue-green algae affected water and treatment of algae can be accessed from the links below:

MI-arrow-green.pngIrrigating with blue-green algae affected water  

MI-arrow-green.pngFarm water quality and treatment  

MI-arrow-green.pngBlue-green algae poisoning of livestock

Stock Alert 

Blue green algae results may not be suitable for stock watering. Customers downstream of the detection point will be notified of this 'Stock Alert' via SMS or phone. 

Red Alert - Recreational (Domestic)  

Blue green algae levels may not be suitable for recreational use, farm domestic use is not advised. Customers downstream of the detection point will be notified of a 'Domestic Alert' via SMS or phone. 

Amber Alert - Recreational (Domestic) 

Blue-green algae may be multiplying in numbers. This Alert does not restrict domestic or stock water use.

Green Alert - Recreational (Domestic) 

Blue green algae are first detected in the water. This Alert does not restrict domestic or stock water use.

Water quality

MI-arrow-yellow.gif BGA monitoring sites


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