Automation helping deliver water in best way possible

In the upcoming 2021 Winter Works period we will be automating regulators in the Murrami and Griffith areas, as part of Stage 3 of our ongoing Automation Project.

We will also be modernising customers outlets in these areas.

With around 70% of our channel system now automated, completing the automation across the rest of our water delivery network will help us to deliver water to customers in the best way possible.

The key benefits of automation are:

  • Significant reduction in water loss
  • Significantly increase customer service levels
  • Efficient and accurate water delivery
  • Enables customers to benefit from their on-farm automation
  • Higher flow rates
  • Reduction in maintenance, and
  • Reduction in Workplace Health and Safety hazards.

Stage 3 Customer Engagement


Over the next few months our Engagement Officers will be contacting customers in the project areas to discuss the works, and any changes you might like to make to your existing infrastructure.

Before we carryout works, is a good time to let your engagement officer know if you would like to make changes to your existing infrastructure and they will be able to assess these requests for you. If no changes are to be made, your outlet will either be retrofitted with an automated gate or have slow time monitoring installed.

For more information please contact MI on 6962 0200.

Next stage automation is here

Next stage automation is currently being rolled out across the network and irrigator, John Andriolo, said the features of the next stage were making the water ordering process much easier. “So far so good,” he said.

“Before we switched over to the Demand Management System, I was a bit worried about how everything would go with making changes to our order, but everything is running fine.” “I was out in the paddock the other morning and realised I needed a bit more water, so I put an order change in and had it by that afternoon.”

DMS with customer

Photo: John Andriolo and MI Engagement Officer Silvano Guidolin 

An engagement officer will contact you before the automation feature is enabled on your outlet, so there is no need to do anything at this stage.

If you would like more information, please contact us on (02) 6962 0200.

Infrastructure Modernisation

Major infrastructure projects were identified in the development of a Modernisation Plan that we prepared in 2009 with funding from the Australian Government. The aim of these projects were to renew ageing water delivery infrastructure and generate water savings to reduce the impacts of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.  

The Modernisation Plan considered a range of options available to us to respond to the challenges facing the irrigation industry, one of which included increasing the efficiency of the irrigation distribution system to drive regional development, investment and growth. 


The Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program in New South Wales (PIIOP-NSW) was designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of water use and management of private irrigation networks to deliver water savings for the environment.

Water entitlements resulting from water savings generated from eligible projects, both off and on-farm, will help to secure a sustainable future for irrigation communities.

PIIOP projects allow MI and our customers to reduce water losses and manage water allocations more efficiently.

The total investment by the Australian Government in critical water saving projects in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA) is now almost $348 million.


Under Round 1 of PIIOP-NSW MI received funding of $50 million from the Australian Government to upgrade ageing water delivery infrastructure in Lake Wyangan in exchange for water savings. 

Manually operated regulators were replaced with automated regulating structures and gates to deliver a consistent flow rate, and Dethridge wheels were replaced with more accurate electronic flow meters. Construction commenced in May 2013 and was completed in November 2014.


Under the Round 2 of PIIOP-NSW MI received $175.1 million in funding from the Australian Government to upgrade both off-farm and on-farm infrastructure in exchange for water savings. 
This funding supported integrated water infrastructure modernisation projects in:

  • Hanwood (completed 2015)
  • Bilbul, Leeton and Yenda (completed 2017)
  • Wah Wah stock and domestic district (completed 2018)


Under the Round 3 of PIIOP-NSW MI received $122.3 million in funding from the Australian Government to upgrade off-farm infrastructure in exchange for water savings. 

This project was completed in 2019 and involved: 
  • Channel lining with clay or ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber lining, including reforming earthen and concrete channels; 
  • Channel automation, including automation of the Main Canal regulators (completed 2017), Sturt Canal (completed 2018) and unmetered escapes;
  • Replacing inefficient channel systems with gravity pipelines and pumped stock and domestic systems; and 
  • Replacing Dethridge wheels with compliant meters.

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