• Another Surplus Water Event for MIA irrigators - Customers of MI have recently had the benefit of another river Surplus Water Event which occurred last weekend. Although the water was only available for a limited time, we put our integrated MI network to good use allowing us to maximise water available for customers across the MIA.
  • Automation rollout continues - Taking advantage of the cooler months, MI has commenced a program of automation, repairs and scheduled maintenance to irrigation infrastructure across the region.
  • Calls for action on SDLAM projects - Coleambally Irrigation Co-operative Limited, Murray Irrigation Limited, and Murrumbidgee Irrigation Limited have come together to push for action on the implementation of the approved NSW SDLAM projects.
  • Choose a safe place to beat the heat - As summer approaches rural communities in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area are being reminded to choose a safe place to beat the heat, and not to take the risk of swimming in irrigation channels.
  • Interim Inspector-General shown importance of water to MIA - MI hosted the Interim Inspector-General of Water Compliance, Troy Grant, earlier this week, as part of his tour of the MIA.
  • Lake View Branch Canal expansion project nears finish line - Our LVBC expansion project is nearing completion, after some recent delays due to welcome rain.
  • MI & GCC working together for the community - Murrumbidgee Irrigation were pleased to be able to assist Griffith City Council in cleaning out the raw water dam at the top of Scenic Hill.
  • MI action through COVID-19 pandemic - MI has not been immune and the rapidly evolving situation has required us to adapt to keep our people, customers and community safe, whilst never missing a beat in delivering water.
  • MI embraces change - Around 40 Murrumbidgee Irrigation shareholders attended MI’s twenty second Annual General Meeting at the Bagtown in Griffith
  • Nations Food Bowl ready to go for big season ahead - Murrumbidgee Irrigation’s 2021 winter works program is now complete and channels are filling up in readiness for an expected big irrigation season ahead.
  • Operations update - CEO Brett Jones has issued an operations update regarding the great start to the new irrigation season.
  • Photograph competition launched - It is time to take out your camera and start snapping as Murrumbidgee Irrigation launches “What Water means to the MIA”.
  • Positive start to the season - It has been a positive start to the new irrigation season with General Security Allocation already at 46% and a series of Surplus Water Events delivering irrigators over 35,000 ML across the network.
  • Roaches Reservoir to benefit irrigators and community - MI are hopeful of commencing works on a Yanco enroute reservoir in June this year.
  • Winter sees MI works in full swing - Taking advantage of the cooler months, MI has recently commenced a program of expansion, repairs and scheduled maintenance to irrigation infrastructure across the region.

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