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Corporate Plan 2018 - 2023

The MIA is a progressive and changing landscape, with a range of innovative farming enterprises, a diversity of crop types and a dynamic processing sector.  

Our Vision of ‘Growing our future together - Customers, Company, Community,’ recognises the importance of irrigation to the region and the nation, and our responsibilities to our customers, our company and the community. 

Our customers are the strength behind this region. We will continue to work together with them to create opportunities by using water more effectively and efficiently. We are committed to delivering value to our customers. 

Our Vision recognises the need for us to ensure that we meet customers’ ever changing needs and deliver the right service at the right price. Our business model is fundamentally changing to align with customer and community expectations. We have made it our mission to leverage our system and regional advantages to provide water products and services that are valued by our customers.  

Our Corporate Plan incorporates our three strategic themes of growing our business, transforming how we do business and building organisational capacity. 

Through our Corporate Plan, we will identify specific targets and projects to improve the way we conduct business with our customers and other stakeholders, increase customer value and contribute to the economic growth of the MIA. 

Overall, our Corporate Plan anticipates changing and emerging customer, company and community needs in a competitive environment. Things are growing in the MIA, and our Corporate Plan will help us to capitalise on our regional advantages. From our soils, climate and reliable water to our thriving service centres - we are Australia’s premier irrigation area.We are strongest and most productive when we are one team - our future is in our hands.

Our Corporate Plan 2018 - 2023 sets the direction for Murrumbidgee Irrigation and is key to ensuring our efforts are focused and aligned to achieve our Vision.

We have made it our mission to leverage our system and regional advantages to provide water products and services that are valued by our customers. 

OUR VISION.  Growing our future together - Customers, Company, Community

OUR MISSION.  We leverage our system and regional advantages to provide water  products and services that are valued by our customers

OUR CUSTOMER COMMITMENT. We will provide services our customers want at a fair price and in the best possible way.

INTEGRITY.  We do the right thing, we behave honestly, openly and ethically in everything we do.

CUSTOMERS.  We deliver excellent service that is timely and consistent; we work together for the long term.

ACCOUNTABILITY.  We own our actions  and are responsible for delivering what we promise.

RESPECT.  We listen to others, acknowledge their needs and care for our environment.

TEAMS.  We work together for a common goal, share what we know and do not compromise on safety.


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