Board of Directors

The MI Board is comprised of seven or eight directors, with a mix of shareholder and independent directors. They are responsible to shareholders and seek to balance sometimes competing objectives in the best interests of the company.

The Board is elected in the following way:

  • The four shareholder-elected directors are directly elected by postal ballot, and must be current shareholders.
  • The directors appoint the three Independent Directors.
  • All Independent Director appointments are subject to shareholder confirmation.
  • All Directors appoint the Managing Director (if the CEO is invited to join the Board).
  • All Directors, with the exception of the Managing Director, elect the Chairman.

Board of Directors

Hayden Cudmore

Hayden Cudmore - Chair

Hayden Cudmore was appointed to the Board as a shareholder-elected Director in 2017, as Deputy Chair in March 2019, and MI Chair in November 2021. He has been farming at Benerembah for the past 36 years with his family. Haydens past experience includes rice industry advocacy and various irrigation industry forums. He is also a member of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation. 



Brett Jones

Brett Jones - Managing Director

Brett Jones commenced as Chief Executive Officer in October 2015 and was appointed to the Board as Managing Director in July 2016. Brett is an experienced executive with qualifications in engineering, project management and finance. He is also a director of MI Holdings Pty Ltd.

Grant Delves

Grant Delves - Shareholder-elected director

Grant Delves was appointed to the Board as a shareholder-elected Director in 2021. The Delves family have been farming in the MIA for over 100 years producing citrus, grapes, prunes, rice, and wheat crops as well as cattle.  Grant has been actively involved with the Australian Prune Industry Association for many years, formerly as its Chair and currently as a member of the executive.


Lil Bianchi- Independent director

Lil Bianchi  was appointed as an Independent Director in November 2021. Lil has extensive Board experience which includes merino growers’ block chain, micropayments system and microelectronics, and a strong background in technology including six years as CEO of a data analytics product company.


Steve Whan - Independent director

Steve Whan was appointed as an Independent Director on 1 March 2021.  Steve is a trustee director and deputy chair of ClubPlus superannuation. He was previously CEO of the National Irrigators' Council, and prior to this spent twelve years in the NSW Parliament, including as Minister for Primary Industries.


Hayley Sergi - Shareholder-elected director

Hayley Sergi was appointed to the Board as a shareholder-elected Director in 2021. She owns and manages an irrigated farming business with her husband, producing rice, cotton, grain and sheep.  She was also a pharmacist for 18 years.

Michael Carter

Michael Carter - Independent director

Michael Carter was appointed as an Independent director at the 2019 AGM. Michael is an experienced Director and has held positions on a range of ASX listed, private company and joint venture boards. He is a qualified engineer and financial planner and is the former Managing Director of Bridges Financial Services. 

Tracey Val

Tracey Valenzisi - Shareholder-elected director

Tracey Valenzisi was appointed as a Shareholder-elected director at the 2019 AGM. Tracey has qualifications in business and a background in dry land and horticultural farming. She has worked in all sectors of Government and the private sector, acquiring knowledge of business, staff, financial management and customer service. She also served as a Leeton Shire Councillor for eight years. 


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