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We are making it easier to do business with us

Simply click on any of the services listed below to obtain the relevant form.

If you need any services not listed in the table below, all you need to do is call us on 6962 0200. 

Note: Our forms are subject to change without notice. Prior to submitting any application you should ensure that you have completed the most current form available in the links below.

MI-arrow-green.png For costs associated with these forms, see the Schedule of Charges page.

Service Name and Link to Associated Form 
Issue of User Number for Water Ordering
Water and Financial Report
Replacement Certificate
Single Water Allocation Account - Creation
Single Water Allocation Account - Whole or Part Termination
Temporary Pumping Permit 2020 Season
MI-arrow-green.pngASSET CHANGE
Locking of unmetered supply
MI-arrow-green.pngCONTRACT CHANGE
Change Name, Address, Contact Details
Issue of Delivery Entitlements
Notice of Death of a Joint Customer
Rights of Access - Termination
Sale of Land
Separation of Water Entitlement Certificates
Transmission to Executor, Administrator or Beneficiary
Annual Transfers
External Purchase of Water Entitlements
Extracts of Entitlements and Shares Register
Internal Permanent Transfer of Supplementary Allocation
Internal Transfer of Water Entitlements DEs and Shares
Lease of Water Entitlement between Customers
Transformation - External Transfer of Water Entitlements

NSW Gov. Ruling 003 MI-arrow-yellow.gif Confirming identity for NSW statutory declarations and affidavits. 

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