IHS energy charges assisting customers to manage water delivery costs

We have been working towards improving ‘in-season’ visibility of the energy charges associated with customers pressurised water delivery service and are now in a position to provide energy accounts for the first two quarters of the 2020-2021 season (July-Sept; Oct–Dec).

This information is being provided to assist customers in managing water delivery costs for the season. 
Pressurised supply system energy charges 2020-2021 (PDF 113.8KB)

Irrigators- finish this season without buying more water

•Beat the cost of temporary water at only $41 per megalitre
•Use water up to 5% of your Delivery Entitlements
•Offer ends 30 June 2021
•Application fee $144 (Inc GST)
To take advantage of this offer phone (02) 6962 0200 or email info@mirrigation.com.au
*Conditions apply. Repayments must be made by 31 July 2021 to avoid paying additional fees and interest.
Eligibility criteria
To be eligible for this offer:
•You must have a minimum of 20 Delivery Entitlements (DEs)
•5% of your DEs will be rounded down to the nearest ML
•The water must be utilised on a property with a metered supply
•The water cannot be traded or carried over
•Applicant must not be in financial default with MI

With allocations now at 100% here's what you need to know about your water account

High Security (HS) now 100%

If you have HS entitlement you will have received an additional 5% allocation with the last allocation announcement.  This allocation is automatically applied to your account balance.  Any water allocation that you have traded into your account is in addition to this.

General Security (GS) now 100%

If you have GS entitlement your allocation account is now full at 100%.  Any water that you carried over from last season, or any GS Surplus that you have used during one of the surplus water events since 1 July 2020 is considered part of this 100.  Any water allocation that you have traded into your account is in addition to this 100%.  Similarly, if you have a separate Supplementary Water Allocation entitlement surplus water used is in addition to the 100%.  

With the increase in allocation some customers may be at risk of overdrawing their accounts as a result of accessing surplus water earlier this season. Please ensure you have sufficient allocation in your account before placing an order. See our Managing Your Account fact sheet.