Leadership Team

Table showing portraits and bios of the leadership team


Brett Jones

Brett Jones - Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Brett Jones commenced as Chief Executive Officer in October 2015 and was appointed to the Board as Managing Director in July 2016. Brett is an experienced executive with qualifications in engineering, project management and finance.

 Dorian Radue

Dorian Radue - Company Secretary & General Manager - Corporate Services 
Dorian Radue commenced as Company Secretary in 2009. In addition to statutory secretarial duties, Dorian’s responsibilities include administering the business of the Board and managing the Company’s corporate services functions.

 Alan Shea

Alan Shea - General Manager - Operations
Alan Shea commenced as General Manager Operations in February 2016. Alan is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all infrastructure that services MI’s customers, including storage, supply and drainage assets.

 Jody Rudd

Jody Rudd - General Manager - Asset Delivery
Jody Rudd joined the Company in 2005 and is the General Manager for Asset Delivery. Jody is responsible for managing MI’s infrastructure asset strategy and performance, as well as leading MI’s capital projects and business development initiatives.

 Sharon Hansen

Sharon Hansen - General Manager - Customer Services
Sharon Hansen commenced as General Manager Customer Services in August 2016. Sharon is responsible for managing our customer services functions and ensuring that customers are the centre of what we do.

 Karen Hutchinson

Karen Hutchinson - General Manager - People & Policy

Karen Hutchinson joined the Company in 2009 and is the General Manager for People & Policy. Karen is responsible for company and corporate communications, human resources and external water policy. She is MI's delegate and Deputy Chair of the National Irrigators' Council.

 Helen Bourne

Helen Bourne - General Manager - Finance & ICT
Helen Bourne commenced as General Manager, Finance and ICT in April 2018. Helen is responsible for providing financial stewardship to the organisation, along with effective management and oversight of the information and communication technology function.

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