Another Surplus Water Event for MIA irrigators

1 July 2020

Customers of Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) have recently had the benefit of another river Surplus Water Event which occurred last weekend. Although the water was only available for a limited time, we put our integrated MI network to good use allowing us to maximise water available for customers across the MIA.
Customer orders could not exceed 24-hours in duration, but we were able to approve orders in advance and schedule them to run over a three day period, and then have the MI system topped up from the supplementary river event on Saturday.
Total volume taken via the Supplementary Event on Saturday was 3,296ML.
“Due to Water NSW maintenance works, the Sturt Offtake couldn’t take the water from the river, so we took all the water through the Main Canal, and did things differently to ensure as many customers as possible could get access,” noted GM Operations, Alan Shea.
“If we did not have an integrated system capable of transferring and delivering water across the region, we would have been much more restricted in how much water we could deliver. Time would simply have not permitted us to provide customers with all the water that they were entitled to from such an event.”
Winter maintenance works occurring on some canals meant we couldn't deliver to every eligible outlet but only a very small number of customers were impacted. The works could have hindered the delivery of water more broadly, but we were generally able to bypass them by using other branches of the system, and we worked with customers to ensure all orders were delivered.
The volume that customers were eligible to take depended on their entitlement and how much allocation and or carry over they already had in their allocation account.
Access to the additional water will allow farmers to water wheat and other winter crops, as well as prepare for next season.

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